One year old today

by Chris Bertram on July 8, 2004

Someone has to make the announcement: Crooked Timber is one year old today!



maria 07.08.04 at 8:36 am

woo hoo!!! Thanks a million Chris. Wow, I can’t believe it’s a year already…though in some ways, it feels like we’ve all been doing this forever.

Well, someone else has to say this; huge, warm and messy thanks and good wishes to all the CT bloggers and our readers and commenters.

Happy first birthday CT – here’s when we stop being a cute little baby and head into the terrible twos.


chris 07.08.04 at 8:58 am

Gloria Dei Patris, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto.

And I mean it. More or less.


Chris 07.08.04 at 9:01 am

Except of COURSE I f-ed up the g d 3rd declension dative again… Patri dammit Patri


q 07.08.04 at 1:30 pm

Happy Birthday CT.

How about each of your bloggers make some predictions about how the world may change over the next 12 months. Then on the second birthday you can see who was closer to the truth.

-One of the predictions should be the outcome of the US presidential election.
-Another one should be about the state of the internet and/or blogosphere in 12 months time.
-state of Iraq and Middle East?
-rising stars?


The Silent Observer 07.08.04 at 2:30 pm

George Bush will win the elections.

The internet and blog space will become restricted all over the world because governments will use the term “terrorism” to censor and jail anyone who opposes their views.

Iraq will plunge into chaos. Saddam Hussain will be executed. The US will withdraw from Iraq claiming the “job was done” and that the Iraqi people have taken over.

Afghanistan will be a failed country forever. Elections shall not take place in the next 12 months. It will become a narco state as predicted by the IMF.

Reform will not take place as rapidly as one would want in the Arab world.


Rok 07.08.04 at 4:06 pm

Happy one year blogday! I remember when you guys started up. Keep up the typing!


rb 07.08.04 at 7:03 pm

happy birthday crooked timber!


Ophelia Benson 07.08.04 at 7:24 pm

Happy birthday and congratulations! And doubly so in the dative.

(What is crooked timber in Latin, anyway. Silva – erm – infelix. Unhappy forest, that’s as close as I can get without getting out the dictionary.)


Green/Jimmy 07.09.04 at 12:04 am

Happy Blogiversary!


Adam Kotsko 07.09.04 at 5:14 am


I’m shocked to learn that my humble blog is one week older than you guys’. You just seem to have always been an integral part of the blog landscape.


Tom Burka 07.10.04 at 1:24 pm

One year old?!? You’ve posted enough great content for three. (Or more.)

Congrats and thanks!

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