Who’s that next to Eszter Hargittai?

by Kieran Healy on June 5, 2006

Maybe she can get him to guest-blog. Not the guy in the bandanna.



Matt 06.05.06 at 7:51 pm

On (our) left you mean? Willie Nelson?


neil 06.05.06 at 8:36 pm

that was my first guess too.


joel turnipseed 06.05.06 at 8:49 pm

I don’t know–looks like a really rough Chris Hedges to me (he’s teaching at Princeton now, if I remember right).


Stentor 06.05.06 at 8:53 pm

Heck, get them both to guest-blog. I bet Bandana Man has some sharp insights.


teppo 06.05.06 at 10:36 pm

Bandana men always have something interesting and provocative to say, as do folks with capes or bowties or dolphin shorts.


Eszter 06.05.06 at 10:46 pm

I pulled up CT to show something to a friend and this is what came up, hah.

Teppo – I hope you realize that the part about dolphin shorts is begging for more information. Or am I missing something obvious here?

I was actually more curious about this guy since he and Clinton had a whole conversation. Clinton seemed really engaged, it was neat. Bandana man made it onto that photo as well, by the way. Secret secret service?:)


teppo 06.05.06 at 10:59 pm

You are right – I hesitated on the dolphin shorts, but just threw it in for good measure and simple entertainment value. I have interesting friends with capes (at least ones who wish they could wear one without being ostracized), bandanas and bowties, but none with dolphin shorts (perhaps my loss, though I don’t think so).


Kenny Easwaran 06.05.06 at 11:58 pm

I think she meant, what are dolphin shorts? Or if she didn’t mean it, I do.


Eszter 06.06.06 at 12:19 am

I thought that just meant shorts with dolphins, but it turns out I may have been wrong. Either way, it would require some additional explanation, but it looks like Teppo doesn’t have more in-depth info to share.


Anarch 06.06.06 at 12:22 am

Well, not to people without dolphin shorts…


akumasmith 06.06.06 at 12:30 am

That bandanna look is really sexy. I think I’m gonna start dressing like that to the office.


Delicious pundit 06.06.06 at 12:32 am

Clinton = long blog posts about how we’re all stakeholders in each other’s future.

Bandana Man = long blog posts about some awesome concerts by the Marshall Tucker Band.

I leave the choice to the proprietors.


Tom F 06.06.06 at 12:59 am

By the way, Brooks Brothers’ venerable Lobster-Crab Shorts are on sale!


bad Jim 06.06.06 at 2:41 am

Why do brief posts featuring Clinton so frequently devolve into discussions of shorts?


Anna 06.06.06 at 3:47 am

I think this bandanna look is in but not for the office.


yonray 06.06.06 at 7:08 am

Bad news guys – upon closer inspection I think it turns out to be a backwards baseball cap (possibly with dolphins on it, but unverifiably so)


Richard Bellamy 06.06.06 at 9:16 am

True. Backward baseball cap guys never have anything interesting to say.

Unless they are also wearing catcher’s gear.


JakeBCool 06.06.06 at 3:20 pm

But only if they’re not actually baseball players.


S. E. Kaufman 06.06.06 at 4:08 pm

I resemble and resent that remark. I speak for all backward baseball cap guys when I say “it’s a generational thing.” Even when I’m tenured somewhere prestigious–or employed even–I will continue sans gear to reverse my Mets cap proudly.


Ian B Gibson 06.06.06 at 7:41 pm

Guest where Clinton’s right hand is (judging by the grin on his face, I’d say it’s obvious..)?


W. Kiernan 06.07.06 at 11:47 am

Just curious, why does anyone who’s not wearing a hardhat ever need a bandanna wrapped around his head?

Regarding backward baseball caps, survey eye-men traditionally wear their hats backwards, so as they lean their heads up to the eyepiece the brim won’t bump the gun. I remember thinking, when that backwards-hats thing became fashionable amongst the youths, “Where’d all these damn instrument men come from alla sudden?”


Eszter 06.07.06 at 11:54 am

FYI, judging from this photo, it’s not a baseball cap turned backwards.


Chris Corrigan 06.07.06 at 2:50 pm

Man, it seems the quality of the secret service guard really changes the further away you get from being President. Makes me wonder who guards Carter these days…


JP 06.08.06 at 11:50 am

kaufman, that wasn’t interesting at all.


Neil 06.09.06 at 12:50 am

I dont think this bandanna look is in any ways impressive. Its my normal official wears.

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