Art, doodling, whatever

by Chris Bertram on August 2, 2003

Thanks to Michael Blowhard I’ve just wasted loads of time at Yugo Nakamura’s site. Is it art? I’ve no idea, but it is certainly compulsive and fun (broadband connection needed).



Erik 08.03.03 at 2:52 am

Thanks, this is way too much fun/wasting my time.


Shai 08.03.03 at 8:13 am

Cool. I haven’t checked out the flash, demo, or new media art/poetry scenes in a few years. If you look there are hundreds of sites, some more interesting and polished than others. My two year old IE favorites are mostly 404 so I really don’t have any to recommend..



Van der Leun 08.03.03 at 2:58 pm

Oh, yes, that 2blowhards pointer was a good one. Whole hours of you life can just go away. A fascinating site.

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