by Chris Bertram on September 26, 2003

I’m embarrassed pleased to report that I’m the first victim subject of a “Normblog profile”: .



Chris Young 09.26.03 at 11:58 am

*Please* will you post a report of the conversation between Hume and Billie Holliday.


dsquared 09.26.03 at 12:23 pm

The dinner party guests jumped out of the page at me too. I look forward with anticipation to Chris’ tips on how to successfully entertain sex perverts and heroin addicts. Particularly as I have a big family event coming up.


Nabakov 09.26.03 at 1:47 pm

But we never found out what yer star sign was.

Although anyone who can blog Night and Day is cool by me.


Chris 09.26.03 at 2:21 pm

Chris Y & D^2: I’m sorry to report that Billie and Dennis disappeared upstairs. There was quite a lot of noise, but I’m really not sure what they were up to. Still, Dave and I had a nice chat over the port and cigars.


Ophelia Benson 09.26.03 at 5:03 pm

He’s very chattable, le bon David. Famous for it. Wish I’d been there (or would I have had to withdraw, being of the wrong gender for port and cigars – such a tiresome custom, that).

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