How to Cure a Hangover

by Brian on November 5, 2003

Josh Parsons has found a hangover cure hidden in Zeno’s writings. It’s a rather clever variant on the “drink more suffer later” cure. If anyone actually tries it I’d be interested to see the results. As a rule taking medical advice from a philosopher is about as wise as getting involved in a land war in Asia, so I have my doubts about this ‘cure’, but I’d be very happy if it was to work.



Danny 11.05.03 at 7:25 am

So where does it compare to going in against a Sicilian when death is on the line?


Mando 11.05.03 at 3:44 pm

My first visit to Europe was to Belgium for a week-long company retreat. It was also my first international flight and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that all drinks were free. I was also pleasantly surprised that flight attendants are seemingly unable to say “I’m sorry, sir, but we need to cut you off”.

When we arrived in Belgium we were let loose on the innocent town of Brugge, and thus began my “Coat of the Dog” experiment.

We drank like sailors. We drank like men with no fear. But mostly, we drank like men too afraid to stop drinking.

The only times that we didn’t drink were during the company meetings. But after each meeting we were treated to the best wine and beer that Brugge had to offer, thus continually delaying the inevitable.

When we returned after our week of debauchery, I was so exhausted (and drunk) that I slept for 20 hours straight. I woke up refreshed and ready.

No hangover. Ever. It worked for me friends, and it can work for you :).


Stephen H. 11.05.03 at 9:19 pm

This apparently ancient ‘cure’ for the hangover has long been institutionalized in the form of the Bloody Mary, which is consumed over breakfast, with dry toast. But the best ‘cure’ of all: Don’t get drunk; moderation my friend. Zeno would have done well to hang with Aristotle, the man of the mean.

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