Sartor Resartus

by Henry Farrell on November 7, 2003

“John Holbo”: cuts David Frum down to size. Go read.

Rawls and the Law at Fordham

by Micah on November 7, 2003

“Larry Solum”: has everything you might want to know about the conference being held at Fordham, starting “here”: Solum’s converage includes a nice introduction to the basic terms of the Rawls literature. Wish I could be at the conference myself. Maybe Fordham is planning a symposium publication? It’d be nice to read what many of the panelists have to say.

bq. UPDATE: Solum is giving terrific coverage of the conference. Go “here”: and scroll up.

bq. UPDATE II: Solum has “completed”: his remarkable coverage of the Rawls conference. Weighing in at more than twelve thousand words in two days, I think it’s the most impressive blogging performance I’ve seen since the early war coverage. And for those of us who couldn’t be at the conference, we couldn’t have asked for a better, or more knowledgeable, correspondent. Kudos, and many thanks, to Solum.

Inside Iraq

by Chris Bertram on November 7, 2003

Yahia Said’s “account at OpenDemocracy”: of his return to Iraq is worth a look.

Uncovered at Last?

by Kieran Healy on November 7, 2003

Austentatious is having a poll to establish everyone’s favorite Jane Austen novel. Mysteriously, the seventh option is “Other,” which is currently ahead of Sense and Sensibility and Emma. Perhaps the Janeites have finally gotten hold of a complete copy of Sanditon. Or perhaps someone is making a case for Lady Susan, The Watsons or her History of England.

On the topic of lost masterworks, let me recommend The Eyre Affair and its sequels Lost in a Good Book and The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde, for your next plane ride. Looking at the covers, I find myself wondering why the graphic design of books published in the U.S. tends to be so much poorer than that of U.K. editions.

No-one can be told what the Meatrix is

by Kieran Healy on November 7, 2003

You have to see it for yourself.