Swing low sweet chariot

by Chris Bertram on November 22, 2003

A great game — including a great try to boring boring England — and the right result . Commiserations to Brian (England had to beat Australia at something, one day).

In Black and White and Red

by Kieran Healy on November 22, 2003

What must it be like to see the world from inside David Bernstein’s head?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: A London attorney:”You will never change the hearts and minds of terrorists by bombing them.”

That’s OK, I’ll settle for their death. I don’t think we changed the hearts and minds of too many Nazis during World War II, either.

It must be like living in a Mondrian painting. Seeing as Godwin’s law has already been violated here, let me just point, first, to the famously demoralizing effects of the Blitz on Londoners; and, second, to the fact that the likes of Al Qaeda would happily settle for our deaths, too. The gut reaction of that London attorney is, frankly, the reason we’re the good guys. Anyway, Matt explains, in a form adapted to the meanest capacity, the real-world difficulties of killing all the terrorists without (a) killing other people as you go or (b) creating more terrorists.