There’s only one Karol Wojtyla…

by Chris Bertram on November 28, 2003

Whatever the drawbacks of the Pope’s views about contraception or human sexuality, I was heartened to learn that his judgement remains sound concerning “the things that really matter”: . Now if he could just lay on the odd miracle or two …



Selina 11.28.03 at 11:10 am

Have faith, my son!


reuben 11.28.03 at 2:36 pm

Is this evidence that Alex Ferguson has more pull with God than the Pope does?


Chris 11.28.03 at 5:40 pm


fyreflye 11.29.03 at 1:27 am

Jesus was a loser, too.


pekka 11.29.03 at 4:03 am

Liverpool? Sami Hyypia (a fellow Finn) notwithstanding, rooting for the Reds is just more evidence (if any was needed) that the Pope is not just fallible but systematically wrong!

[Ah, what fun it is to pronounce ex cathedra about football ;o)]


Randy Paul 11.29.03 at 4:33 am

Maybe he’s just making an homage to St. Jude or perhaps he’s picked the wrong team in red. :-)


John Isbell 11.29.03 at 5:51 pm

Liverpool’s a pretty Catholic town, of course. I can’t think of a better pick for the Pope in the UK except maybe Celtic.
Liverpool looked better back when the Pope did too. Hmm.


Chris Bertram 11.30.03 at 9:11 am

John: Insofar as there’s any connection — and its a very weak one these days — then Everton would be the more Catholic of the two Premier League teams in the city.


John Isbell 11.30.03 at 6:39 pm

Thanks, Chris. It’s breaking up in Glasgow too.

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