Social-science parody

by Chris Bertram on January 5, 2004

I’m always keen on parodies of social-scientific writing and “this one from John Adams at spiked-online”: , complete with typologies, weird and complicated diagrams and so on, reminded me of Daniel Bell’s “The Parameters of Social Movements: A Formal Paradigm”, from the “Dwight Macdonald collection”: I “mentioned”: a while back. Great stuff! (via “A&L Daily”: )



dsquared 01.05.04 at 5:11 pm

Fee fi fo fum, I detect the spoor of Frank Furedi …


Danny Yee 01.05.04 at 10:14 pm

Has everyone read Isidore Nabi’s On the Tendencies of Motion? (Modern social science replaces Newton, as envisaged by Lewontin and Lewins.)


Matt Weiner 01.05.04 at 11:43 pm

Um, the joke is that it’s not a joke, right?


jam 01.06.04 at 1:18 am

I was puzzled by the piece at first. But Chris’s take seems to me to be right.

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