by Chris Bertram on January 7, 2004

Chelsea have had a jinx over Liverpool at Stamford Bridge for as long as I can remember. Tonight, with the bookies offering 4/1 against, “that jinx was broken”: by a superb Bruno Cheyrou goal set set up by Emile Heskey and by a great defensive effort from the team. I’m off to have another drink.



Katherine 01.07.04 at 10:44 pm

Yank question: why are FA cup matches called “ties”? Very confusing to get BBC emails about “the upcoming Arsenal-Leeds tie”.


enthymeme 01.07.04 at 11:14 pm


We seem to be repeating the same bad patch we had over x’mas last season. For all his tactical nous, today Ranieri had no answer to Liverpool’s battling display.


Lee Bryant 01.07.04 at 11:17 pm

Chris: if you drink to Cheyrou goals set up by Heskey then I predict that you will be dry for the rest of the season ;-)

I foresee boring 1-0 and 0-0 struggles all year, but 4th place will prove to be a mirage.

Heskey is to goalscoring what Rawls is to movements for social justice. Kewell is your only hope :-p


Robert Tennyson 01.08.04 at 4:57 am

Ahem. Man. U. three points up from Arsenal, seven from Chelsea. Yeah, Wednesday *was* nice, wasn’t it.


Brian Weatherson 01.08.04 at 5:18 am

Tragically I only found out that the match was being broadcast live in the US when it was 20 minutes from the end. So I got to see one of the most ridiculous red cards ever, and a defensive effort that seemed more nerve-wracking than great, but still: Hooray!!


Stewart Kelly 01.09.04 at 5:26 am

While it’s nice to see my team getting in wins were they were not expected too, this only delays Houlliers inevitable firing. I say get it over with now. That way the new manager has the rest of this season to get the team used to whatever changes he will make, and can hopefully have a serious tilt at the title next season.

The only question in my mind is who to replace Houllier with? I’d suggest Villas David O’Leary or Celtics Martin O’Neill.

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