by Kieran Healy on May 5, 2004

So Bristol was great up to the point where the hotel phoned me at 7:30 this morning saying that my car had been broken into. Back window knocked out and crap everywhere. They didn’t steal the “Ligeti CD”:



Maria 05.05.04 at 4:13 pm

Yikes, poor you! I hope it was a rental car and they didn’t get any of your stuff.

Reminds me of the time (actually, one of numerous times) my car was broken into in inner city Dublin. I’d left about a dozen or so of my favourite books in it for some reason, but they were left untouched while all sorts of crap was lifted. I was giving out to a friend about it later that day, saying the thieves had no taste at all.

Then he said ‘no, that’s not how it happened at all. They were sitting in the car, leafing through the pile of books, saying ‘nah, read it, read it, useless, read it…’ and for that reason chucked them all aside’.

Anyway, good luck getting it all sorted out Kieran.


Barry 05.05.04 at 4:14 pm

My sympathies.


Chris Bertram 05.05.04 at 4:35 pm

God that’s terrible. And I’m surprised since the place where you parked it seemed pretty secure. I’m feeling kind of irrationally responsible for this (on behalf of the city).


Iain J Coleman 05.05.04 at 4:43 pm

Some years ago, my car was broken into. Lock ripped out, stuff strewn everywhere, rear parcel shelf pulled out… a pretty thorough going over. When I cleared up, it turned out that everything was still there: radio, a couple of dozen cassettes, everything. Except for one thing: my tape of Pink Floyd’s “Piper at the Gates of Dawn”. The mental image of this Syd-Barrett-fixated thief’s little eyes lighting up when he finally found that tape, then dashing off eagerly with his spoils, was almost worth the four quid it cost to replace it. Almost.


Another Damned Medievalist 05.05.04 at 7:47 pm

Damned shame. Sorry Chris — hope you get the important stuff back

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