Paddling for bandwidth

by Eszter Hargittai on July 7, 2004

When I was in Paris I spotted a guy sitting on a corner on the ground just outside a bank with a laptop. It looked pretty random, but then it occured to me that perhaps this was the best location he could find for WiFi signals. Now I see that CTD over at ionarts blogged what he considers a possible “techno-geek historical first … ‘warboating'”. He and his brother went out on a fishing boat for signals. Not bad. I’m curious, what’s the craziest/weirdest thing people have done to find wireless connection?



P O'Neill 07.07.04 at 2:37 am

Right now I’m sitting in our garden in the dark, with bugs attacking the screen, because the neighbours from whom I normally steal wifi aren’t around to call Verizon to explain that their connection is down, and the only way to get wifi from the other neighbours is to sit here next to plants and the mosquitos. Which doesn’t involve sailing along the Seine or anything, I know.


eszter 07.07.04 at 2:44 am

But it’s certainly a sacrifice given the mosquitos, I think it counts.;-)

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