Worse than the disease ?

by John Q on July 7, 2004

My preferred cure for jetlag is to arrive in the morning and spend a fair part of the day outside, resetting my body clock, then have as normal an evening as possible, before going to bed about 10pm. In most respects, my schedule fitted this plan perfectly. Leaving Paris on Monday evening, I got into Brisbane this morning (Wednesday) and the day was suitably sunny. With the State of Origin[1] starting soon, there’ll be no problem about staying up[2] .

The only unusual feature is that my normal Wednesday includes karate training. I can now report that this is a complete, if problematic, cure for jet lag. Whatever term might describe my post-training condition, it is not “jet-lagged.”

fn1. The high point of the Australian rugby league calendar, this is a three-game series between Queensland and New South Wales in which, as the name implies, players line up for their state of origin, rather than of current residence. The deciding match is being played tonight.

fn2. Wrong! The game was such a depressing walkover that I gave up and went to bed early.



Carlos 07.07.04 at 12:40 pm

Huh. I’ve found that vigorous exercise makes my jet lag that much worse, since my body then seems to neglect circadian cues in favor of physical ones.


yabonn 07.07.04 at 12:54 pm

Right now in paris : rain, thunder and hail.

“Suitably sunny”! Bleh.


Chris Curnow 07.07.04 at 2:01 pm

Being from Victoria, I must point out that Rugby League is a nice diversion in the southern states but nothing on the main game – Aussie Rules. Go Bombers!


duaneg 07.07.04 at 8:33 pm

I’ve found arriving exhausted at midnight and going straight to sleep works very well. I’ll feel fine afterwards, although for the next week or so I have to take a nap in the early afternoon.


John Quiggin 07.08.04 at 12:29 am

cc, you’re right of course, but you can’t live in Queensland and ignore State of Origin. Now we can get back to watching the Lions win their fourth AFL flag in a row.

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