Feel the Love

by Daniel on September 7, 2004

I realise that we at Crooked Timber are too ethereal, pointy-headed creatures to get involved in mere political mudslinging, but as the resident Morlock employee, I occasionally frequent obscure Democrat blogs like Eschaton. It is my professional opinion that this video clip is enough to make a cat laugh.



Steve Carr 09.07.04 at 3:59 pm

That’s one of the funniest Bushisms of all time. It belongs up there with the Will Ferrell ad.


abb1 09.07.04 at 5:58 pm

What was he supposed to say? To practice their –what?– with women all across the country? I can’t think of anything.

Did he do it on purpose, then?


Buck 09.07.04 at 6:04 pm

The AP story guesses that he mixed up his lines. That doesn’t help much, does it?

“Pay no attention to the man behind the teleprompter!”


dsquared 09.07.04 at 6:22 pm

By the way, I’d always assumed that OB/GYN was short for “obstetrician/gynaecologist” and pronounced “Ob-gine”. Is “O-B-G-Y-N” some sort of euphemism?


obeah 09.07.04 at 6:34 pm

All the women I know (myself included) pronounce it O-B-G-Y-N. Well, I did have a roommate in college who talking about having a “gynie” appointment, but other than that.


robbo 09.07.04 at 7:00 pm

The guy’s an embarrassment to us all. Even his most ardent admirers, if they’re honest with themselves, feel some level of embarrassment whenever Bush unleashes a statement like this on our ears. And it happens a lot. In the end, I think his inability to speak contemporanesouly gives us our best shot at getting rid of him.


Another Damned Medievalist 09.07.04 at 7:08 pm

How about, “their vocation”? Or just, “are unable to practice”? I’ve always heard it spelled out, too.


abb1 09.07.04 at 7:20 pm

In the end, I think his inability to speak contemporanesouly gives us our best shot at getting rid of him.

Hmm, I wish it were true, but I suspect it only makes him more likable, “one of us” – unlike those darn librul elitist college professors.


theCoach 09.07.04 at 9:54 pm

I think our best shot is that his policies have failed much faster than one could of imagined. With his administrations rank dishonest and lack of concern for the future they should have been able to goose the economy with the kind of money they were willing to borrow. The best shot at getting rid of Bush are the wrong track numbers. IMHO, if people understood the difference between tax rates and taxes[would a candidate who raised spending, but lowered tax rates to zero really be eliminating taxes?], and that Bush has done more long-term damage and has missed once in a life time opportunities, it would be easier still.
In the US, I have always heard it spelled out O-B-G-Y-N.


Matt Weiner 09.07.04 at 10:42 pm

I think I’ve heard it both ways (in the U.S.) And this is probably the hate speaking, but I think Bush thought he was being funny.


Marc Mulholland 09.08.04 at 9:56 am

Some of my family learned medicine in Northern Ireland. They referred to it as ‘Obs-n-Giney”, which has a nice ring I think. As a child I ran around singing it.

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