David Sheppard

by Harry on March 7, 2005

Former Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, England cricketer, ecumenicalist, and anti-apartheid campaigner David Sheppard has died. For my dad he was a cricketing hero. For me, as a teenage Anglican, he was a political hero. (via Normblog where there is more).



ajay 03.07.05 at 6:18 pm

“Former Bishop of Liverpool, anti-apartheid campaigner and England cricketer” is a tremendous obituary, even if it does have a slight ring of Monty Python to it. I’m now sitting here trying to think of better incongruous combinations. The best bit is that they are all slightly connected (cricket/apartheid; church/apartheid).
Rather like “Former bomber pilot, anti-nuclear campaigner and hospice founder”.


Matt McGrattan 03.08.05 at 7:24 pm

“Former bomber pilot, anti-nuclear campaigner and hospice founder”

Ah yes, the rather splending Leonard Cheshire

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