by Ted on July 26, 2005

Via Thomas Nephew:

The Senate might vote on Sen. McCain’s and Levin’s amendments to the Department of Defense authorization bill as early as today. These amendments would establish a bipartisan, 9/11-style commission to investigate stories of detainee abuse performed in our facilities. They would end the practice of holding secret “ghost detainees” who are not registered with the Red Cross, and would expressly prohibit cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of prisoners in U.S. custody, no matter where they are held.

It would be tremendously helpful if concerned readers would call their Senators today to ask them to support the McCain and Levin amendments to the Department of Defense authorization bill.

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Jim Miller 07.26.05 at 10:12 am

You should be sure to call in support of this effort if you admire the brilliant work that McCain did in protecting freedom of speech in the McCain-Feingold campaign finance “reform” bill.

What’s the most dangerous place in Washington DC? Between John McCain and a TV camera.


jet 07.26.05 at 10:18 am

If McCain supports it, it must be an underhanded attempt at curtailing civil liberties while wrecking revenge on Bush.


Ray 07.26.05 at 10:35 am

Wow, its almost like mentioning Hillary Clinton.
Anyone have any saliva cups?


Nell 07.26.05 at 10:37 am

That’s wreaking revenge, jet.

These amendments are just about the last opportunity to show whether or not Republicans are the party of torture.

If the GOP leadership and Senators vote these amendments down, then they might as well disband the Senate, because they’re signing on the Bush/Cheney view that the President is an elected king.

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