Those capering Watergate pranksters!

by Ted on August 16, 2005

Good catch from Tristam ShandyBob Dole’s tears for the persecuted journalists, and his grave concerns that “dozens of whistle-blowers [won’t be able to] share information about government wrongdoing”, are of quite recent vintage. (Apparently, the term “kerfuffle” hadn’t yet been adopted by Republicans when Dole made his Watergate speech.)



P ONeill 08.16.05 at 1:20 pm

I suppose it’s a tribute to James Taranto that whereas Glenn Reynolds’ lasting contribution to the discourse is “Heh,” Taranto at least has propagated an actual word, Kerfuffle.


Iron Lungfish 08.16.05 at 1:48 pm

Oh, don’t be so harsh to Professor Reynolds. He also gave us “Indeed” and “I’m afraid that [insert hideous smear]”.


Tom T. 08.16.05 at 7:31 pm

Careful, Ted. Chris B. will come after you for criticizing a wounded war veteran. ;-)

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