Agenda for Justice

by Henry on August 25, 2005

Nathan Newman is spearheading a new initiative, “Agenda for Justice”:, which deserves attention and support. The core idea is to create and implement a progressive agenda at the local and regional levels that would be worthwhile in itself, and that might eventually serve as a platform for national level reform. It covers some of the same territory as David Sirota’s “Progressive Legislative Action Network”:, but seems to me to have a more specific set of aims, with a focus on work, trade union rights and family support.



Louis Proyect 08.25.05 at 11:08 am

Unfortunately Nathan’s well-intended initiative is undercut by his long-time boosterism for the Democratic Party.


Ben Alpers 08.25.05 at 11:36 am

Point taken, Louis, though AfJ seems to be working with a much more grassroots-based model than PLAN which (judging from their website) really is focused on giving more power to the Democratic establishment (hard to imagine Willie Brown “changing the political landscape” in any meaningful way). I suppose I’d hold out hope that AfJ might be valuable even for those of us who don’t share Newman’s affection for the Democrats.

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