Very quick survey: browser homepage

by Eszter Hargittai on September 2, 2005

Please fill out this survey consisting of just one question.

Here is the question: What site first comes up when you launch your browser?

I’ll say more later today. At that point I’ll also open comments. Thanks!

UPDATE (9/3/05 10:45pm CST): Due to the number of “Other” responses and associated emailsI have received, it will take me a bit longer to tabulate the results than I had anticipated. I will be posting a follow-up note to this survey sometime this weekend. Thanks to the 660 people who have already taken it. The survey will remain open for up to 240 more respondents.

UPDATE (9/5/05 11:40am CST): I have now closed the survey. Thanks to the 784 people who participated. Stay tuned for a summary and discussion of responses.

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