by Henry Farrell on September 23, 2005

As Brian said, Ted is in Washington DC; to keep Jim “Partyboy”: Henley happy, there’ll be an impromptu gathering downstairs in the “Brickskeller”: tomorrow evening (Saturday) from 8pm on. All CT readers are welcome to come along.

A trillion dollar war

by John Q on September 23, 2005

Before the Iraq war began, Yale economist William Nordhaus estimated the likely cost at between $100 billion and $2 trillion. At the time most of the interest lay in the fact that the bottom end of the range was twice as much as the $50 billion estimate being pushed by the Administration. But with a couple of years’ experience to go on, Nordhaus’ upper range is looking pretty accurate. Assuming that Bush ‘stays the course’, it’s safe to estimate that the war will cost the US at least $1 trillion by the time all the bills come in, and it could easily be closer to $2 trillion.

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