by Brian on September 22, 2005

Ted Barlow has just sent along word that he’s gotten out of Houston safely, and is now with his fiancee and dog in Washington, D.C.

I’m very pleased to hear that Ted is OK, and I hope everyone that everyone here knows will be just as safe in the days ahead.



Bob B 09.23.05 at 5:30 am

Nudge, nudge, have you seen this?

“With little more than 12 hours to go before Hurricane Rita finally crashes ashore, Texas was today in turmoil with stranded evacuees accusing authorities of bungling the exodus. . . ”

Of course, that is just another example of the virulent anti-Americanism to be found in the British media that Tony Blair mentioned to Rupert Murdoch only recently:

“Prime Minister Tony Blair believes BBC coverage of Hurricane Katrina is ‘full of hate’ for America, media tycoon Rupert Murdoch has claimed in a speech. . .

“Mr Murdoch said Mr Blair told him in a private conversation BBC World Service coverage was ‘full of hate of America and gloating about our troubles’.

“The BBC said it was committed to full, accurate and impartial coverage and had not received a complaint from Mr Blair. Mr Murdoch, who owns the Sun, the Times and News of the World newspapers and Sky Television, labelled the BBC a ‘government-owned thing’. . . ”

Great to leatn that Ted Barlow made it with fiancee and dog.


Hektor Bim 09.23.05 at 8:26 am

Some of us know medical personnel in Houston who aren’t allowed to leave. They are required to stay to look after people. I’m just hoping the Baylor medical center doesn’t flood like last time.


Jim Henley 09.23.05 at 8:58 am

Ted’s in DC? Thank heavens he’s safe. And . . .

Party! Party! Party! Party!

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