Ask Another Insufferable Music Snob–With A Vagina!

by Belle Waring on November 7, 2005

Dammit, why do all these rock snob thumbsuckers have to hate on the chicks? Maybe if you just assume that all the rock snobs in the world are guys, you won’t find any rock snob chicks? Maybe we’ve got, like, lives and stuff and don’t just sit around at home changing our minds about the relative merits of alphabetization by artist vs. genre vs. date of purchase? Because we already decided? Strict alphabetical order!! (I know, I can hear my friend Daniel complaining about all the stuff that gets lost. Serendipity!) Jesus, now you’re going to tell me you just discovered Can’s Ege Bamyasi. But, you know…maybe most rock snobs are guys. And most bloggers are guys? I hope it doesn’t turn out chicks suck. That wouldn’t be very punk rock at all.