Republican War on Science Seminar: Index

by John Q on March 29, 2006

Various commenters have suggested that the blog format for the seminar is hard to follow. In the hope of improving things, I’m posting an index. I think it should work particularly well with tabbed browsers. Anyway I’d appreciate advice on whether this makes it easier, or just adds to the confusion. My order isn’t the same as the posting order on the blog, but roughly matches Chris Mooney’s arrangement of his repsonse

Republican War on Science : Introduction to a Seminar by John Quiggin (introduction and overview)

War on Science by Ted Barlow

Worldwide War on Science by John Quiggin

The Stars and Stripes Down to Earth by Daniel Davies

Mooney Minus the Polemic? by John Holbo

War with the Newts by Henry Farrell

The war and the quarrels by Tim Lambert

If There’s a War, Please Direct Me to the Battlefield by Steve Fuller

The Revolution will not be Synthesized comment on Steve Fuller by Kieran Healy

War over Science or War on Science by John Quiggin

Man, You Guys Worked Me Hard…. Reply by Chris Mooney

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lemuel pitkin 03.29.06 at 8:56 am

I appreciate you trying to improve things, but we’re not quite there yet. My suggestions:

1. set up a separate page for the seminar — link to it from the top of CT for as long as it’s in progress, if you like.

2. post on that page at a rate no greater than a post every hour or two — one of the biggest probelms with the current format is that with 8-10 posts on the same topic going up at once, who’s going to read them all? Also, when everyone posts at once, you lose the interactivity that is one of the main advantages of the online format.

3. on the seminar page, arrange posts in the usual blog order, with most recent at the top.


nemo 03.30.06 at 8:13 am

If anyone believes that the ‘War on Science’ is a purely Republican monstrosity, they should take a look at the efforts of the US Government over the past 35 years to stonewall objective research into the therapeutic aspects of cannabis. This trend of domestic Lysenkoism has been going on regardless of who’s in power.


Steve LaBonne 03.30.06 at 9:14 am

nemo, what we have there is the permanent Republican majority in law enforcement (I should know, I’m surrounded by dittoheads at work), and wussy Democratic politicians who are scared spitless of challenging it.

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