Imprints gets a new web address

by Chris Bertram on November 3, 2006

I’ve been involved with Imprints — once subtitled “A Journal of Analytical Socialism” but now “Egalitarian Theory and Practice” — for about ten years now. And a very friendly venture it is too with regular meetings up and down the UK, long sessions in the pub or in various Indian restaurants, and short but businesslike meetings. And, on the whole it has been a pretty successful project too. I don’t think there’s any other journal of its type with a similar bank of interviews with leading left thinkers. But as we smugly enjoyed our combination of conviviality and intellectual excitement we forgot to renew our web address which was poached from us within days of its lapsing. I sought Maria’s advice on the problem and contacted the friendly UK cyber-police at nominet. Perhaps we had a case against the poacher, perhaps not. Either way it would cost time and money to fight. So I went ahead and registered a new address . So adjust your links … and subscribe if you don’t already (generous terms on back-issues available on request).



jayann 11.03.06 at 12:21 pm

I know you’ve only just set it up so sorry to raise a problem but, I can’t access the back issues available online.
Also: a link to Arts and Letters Daily? from the Analytic Socialism people?
Dear me.


Chris Bertram 11.03.06 at 12:42 pm

There’s some back content available on-line, but no entire back issues (scroll down to see what’s available). As for A&L Daily, I use to go there a lot, now hardly ever. They still link to CT though and, anyway, I don’t think you should take a hyperlink to imply ideological endorsement.


jayann 11.03.06 at 1:28 pm

Thanks, Chris, I’ll go back and try again.

I don’t think you should take a hyperlink to imply ideological endorsement

(not necessarily) I agree, but imprints has so few links, that the A & L one stands out. (Pity A & L’s like it is, it was a good idea.)

Incidentally I do think my comment was ungracious, I should have thanked you for posting the information!


will u. 11.03.06 at 5:03 pm

Does anyone have suggestions for alternatives to the once compelling A&L Daily? Political Theory Daily Review is pretty good, but there are only so many Senegalese newspaper articles I can read.


ingrid 11.03.06 at 5:08 pm

Interesting. Does Crooked Timber runs this risk of not being renewed too? :-)

The new Imprints website states somewhere near the bottom:

“Published three times a year in Spring, Summer and Winter”

I wondered… if imprints is going global (is this how we should read the .com?), then whose Seasons are these ? (with at least one editor in Australia)
Why not just make it “three times a year?” – gives you more flexibility when the issue is late.

The journal _Feminist Economics_ originally also had Seasons on its cover, but since these Seasons were de facto the North American-European Seasons, the international readership prompted a change. It was subsequently advertised as being published in March, July and November (of course, in reality it sometimes arrives late, like many academic journals ).

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