Brighouse Website Unveiled

by Harry on December 3, 2006

After several months and an embarrrassing number of comments sometimes from strangers about the absence of a faculty page for me, I’ve finally entered the 21st century with a webpage of my own. It’s here. It contains a lot of the normal information, a page with links to some papers on the web (all but one of them by me), and a page with links to various of my journalistic pieces as well as my favourite CT pieces (again of my own). Each page has a not-completely-out-of-date photo of me (that was my wife’s idea, she being responsible for most of the layout and design). I can’t imagine I’ll update it for a while, but if anyone has useful suggestions (which have to be implementable by a Luddite with limited command of Dreamweaver) go ahead…



Matt 12.03.06 at 11:23 am

It looks very nice, but I wonder if your co-bloggers won’t feel a bit hurt that all of your favorite CT posts are your own?


Matt 12.03.06 at 11:24 am

Also, I was a bit sad to see you didn’t have a beard.


harry b 12.03.06 at 11:43 am

I think they know that, with one exception, my favourite CT posts are all by them (the one exception not being one of them, but a post by me). I guess I should have phrased it differently — my favourite CT posts by myself.


Chris Bertram 12.03.06 at 11:46 am

Hey, all of _my_ favourite CT pieces are Harry’s too! :)

More photos needed!


peter ramus 12.03.06 at 12:37 pm

Change the “title” of the page from “Untitled Document” to something like, oh, “Harry’s Untitled Document.”


Mike Dewar 12.03.06 at 1:30 pm

May I suggest making the page 800px wide? For example, mac people don’t always have windows maximised… Plus ‘they’ say to have 9 words or so to a line. Horizontal scrolling is a little bit 20th century.


matt w 12.03.06 at 2:19 pm

The website looks great. As a small suggestion, the link to Weatherson’s site is dead (at least I couldn’t link to it). I think the following is an updated link:

It includes online papers under the Links column at the right (you might link directly to these).


Dr. Minorka 12.03.06 at 4:28 pm

Wrong link to Catalyst. This is the correct one:
May I suggest to use a style sheet. The column at the left is a little bit too big.


Russell Arben Fox 12.03.06 at 5:34 pm

Thanks for doing this, Harry; it’s great to have a bunch of links to your current and past work.


Chris 12.03.06 at 7:40 pm

Ah, but the link from CT’s website to Weatherson’s blog is dead, too. You’d think they’d have fixed that by now…


ingrid 12.04.06 at 1:42 am

Congratulations – the website delivers precisely what it should deliver – information in a clear outline. Your website will be very helpful for students and others who are looking for work on the topics on which you work. And you may think it’s funny, but I sincerely believe that some strangers will benefit from that picture on your website, since some people find it easier to write e-mails to people of whom you have a rough idea of how they look like.


Dr. Minorka 12.04.06 at 4:00 am

Maybe the upper part (photo, logo, Dept. of Philosophy, Dept. of… ,etc.) occupies to much space.
My rough calculations at various resolutions:
1152X864: 50% of the screen
10247X768: 66% of the screen
800X600: 100% of the screen


djw 12.04.06 at 4:05 am

The link to Bread and Roses is all messed up. You’re lot listed in imdb, either, except as a dead playwright.

Seriously, you’re posting here has been one of the 3-4 main catalysts for getting me thinking about the philosophical dilemmas associated with childhood in a liberal society. I’m glad to have a nice site to poke around your more formal work.


novakant 12.04.06 at 5:35 am

well, it’s functional, so that’s a plus, but I’m afraid it looks like your standard academic webpage from 1998 – maybe you should have a look at some free templates



novakant 12.04.06 at 5:39 am

… or better yet, generate a little business for a poor web designer ;)

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