Quiggin on Bush

by John Q on August 7, 2007

Autogoogling, as you do, you find out interesting things about namesakes around the world. My most prominent namesake is Canadian terrorism expert Tom Quiggin, who is a good source of information on quite a few topics. Now, Technorati tells me, he has a blog His opening posts seem very promising

Why Bush Has it Wrong
Intelligence and the Moral High Ground

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Glorious Godfrey 08.07.07 at 10:06 am

From the first post:

Without the war, al-Qaeda’s ability to fire the imagination of the youths it needs to recruit would be minimal. Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri would be nothing more than grumpy old men in caves in Pakistan.

Caves? But I thought that the islamofascists were poised to establish a totalitarian Caliphate from Al-Andalus to Indonesia! ! Why are you making the world crash down around my ears like this, sir?


jet 08.10.07 at 2:14 pm

Definitely a must add to the daily feed, although I think he understates Al Queda’s capabilities pre-Iraq invasion. His post on intelligence is spot on, as proven by the several close calls stopped by average people on the street.

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