More remembrances of Jerry Cohen and a recording

by Chris Bertram on August 8, 2009

Quite a few people have now posted about Jerry Cohen on the web. Notable amongst them are “Colin Farrelly”: , “Thom Brooks”: , “Ben Saunders”:, “Chris”: “Brooke”: , “Matthew Kramer”: and “Norman Geras”: . I was also sent, by Maris Kopcke Tinture, a “link to a private recording she made of Jerry’s valedictory lecture from May 2008”: The recording is imperfect and there is a chunk missing in the middle, but it is the only such recording to have surfaced.

(I also need to post a short note about use of my photos of the valedictory, since people have been taking them from my Flickr stream and using them without permission: they are not public domain. 1. Seek permission, which I will normally grant to any not-for-profit site unless I find the content objectionable. 2. Please attribute (this can be in as miniscule a text as you like). 3. If you are a commercial organization then we will need to come to an arrangement about a fee, which will be donated to an appropriate charity.)

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CV 08.09.09 at 12:08 am

I’ve never had the chance of meeting Professor Cohen personally, but I have read over the years all of his books (from “Karl Marx’s Theory of History: A Defense” trough the more recent “Rescuing Justice and Equality”) and we have interchanged a couple of e-mails about his works and ideas. The first one, and still the one I remember the most, was about a passage on Oscar Wilde’s essay “The Soul of Man under Socialism”.
Does anyone have the typescript of his Valedictory Lecture?
Cheers from faraway Argentina.

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