Sunday photoblogging: Florence, La Specola

by Chris Bertram on March 8, 2015

18th-century wax model for medical training. An essential place to visit in Florence.



bdbd 03.08.15 at 5:57 pm

There’s a nice and very extensive Taschen volume of photos from La Specola, “Encyclopaedia Anatomica”


bad Jim 03.09.15 at 8:00 am

My niece spent a summer in Florence learning Italian. She may subsequently have been entranced by the “Body Worlds” exhibit, but it was probably the paucity of prospects for someone with a psychology degree that sent her back to school to study nursing. She really enjoyed dissecting cadavers. (Graduated with honors and landed a job at a famous hospital and worked with a surgeon who was my high school girl friend.)

When I visit a place I want to see things not available elsewhere, mostly arts and antiquities, but they travel more than I do; I think I saw the same Caravaggios in London and Amsterdam that I’d made the effort to visit in Rome. There was a revelatory exhibit of early Kandinsky in Barcelona in or adjacent to a Gaudí confection; someone must have calculated that people who liked one would like the other.


James Wimberley 03.09.15 at 2:13 pm

I visited it because it was open on the Uffizi’s closing day – good to know. They also have a fine collection of fancy old laboratory glassware, all curlicues and spirals.

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