Sunday photoblogging:

by Chris Bertram on March 15, 2015

In the old Blind School on Hardman Street, Liverpool, subsequently trade union offices and the home of the Picket (a music venue), there’s a cupola with a mural celebrating the workers’ movement. Sadly, the damp is getting to it. The mural was painted by artist Mick Jones, son of Jack Jones the trade union leader. Arthur Scargill leads Karl Marx and there is much other detail of interest. The owner of the nearby Hope Street Hotel owns the building now and has plans for to turn it into a gastropub, so let’s hope it gets restored rather than destroyed. (There are move shots of the mural in the adjacent sections of my Flickr stream.)



Igor Belanov 03.15.15 at 2:59 pm

Reminds me a bit of the mural in Little Germany in Bradford commemorating the foundation of the Independent Labour Party. “Socialism, the hope of the world” or some such. We can still hope….


Dean C. Rowan 03.15.15 at 3:20 pm

The mural depicting People’s Park on the north wall of Berkeley’s Amoeba Records is a target for graffiti and, at least as frequently, ridicule. It depicts, among other things, the Amoeba Records building itself.


john c. halasz 03.16.15 at 3:04 am

Since you invited us, however accidentally, into your photo stream, might I say that your Mum is a handsome woman, and, (though I don’t know her age), as the saying goes, “well preserved”.


maidhc 03.16.15 at 5:14 am

The mural omits the 1980s phase of People’s Park as free-range dog park and drug market, where you could get any kind of shit, some of it on your shoes.


Zamfir 03.16.15 at 6:03 pm

Intriguing picture. What’s the mirrory thing in the middle?

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