Sunday photoblogging – Strasbourg: Ponts Couverts

by Chris Bertram on July 12, 2015

As we wait to see whether Europe can survive in its current form, I thought something from Alsace would be suitable.

Strasbourg, Ponts Couverts

I completely agree with John Fund. No wait, let me back up. Belle and I were just talking about this. (Our planes passed, heading in opposite directions, and we held up little notes to the windows.) Wouldn’t it be funny if Trump were a double agent?

Our way of thinking about it wasn’t quite like Fund’s. He presumes Trump is motivated by desire for Canadian-style health care. We hypothesized there could be some money in it. The Clintons are rich. Surely they could just be paying him off with cash or promises of favors or whatever.

But the interesting thing about the Trump situation, structurally, is this. As I noted in this post, [click to continue…]