Sunday photoblogging: pinhole self-portrait

by Chris Bertram on August 16, 2015

Self-portrait with a pinhole camera made from a beer can

I’m lucky enough to live reasonably close to [Lacock Abbey](, home of the co-inventor of modern photography, [William Henry Fox Talbot]( Last year, during a visit, we found that Justin Quinnell was running a pinhole photography workshop that involved making cameras out of old beer cans (and taking pictures with them). We also made beer can cameras using fogged photographic paper to take six-month exposures, though sadly my camera failed to survive its time on the Bristol philosophy department roof. There’s lots of interest on [Justin’s site]( Here’s [Justin’s YouTube instructions]( for how to make your own, delivered in his unique pedagogical style. A lot of fun, for children of all ages!



Bloix 08.16.15 at 2:52 pm

When I was a summer camp counselor 40 years ago, I led a photography activity where we started with photograms and worked our way up to pinhole cameras. It’s an absolutely sure-fire hit with 8-12 year olds. But I never thought of beer cans – that’s a brilliant idea.


phosphorious 08.17.15 at 3:31 am

I’ve always preferred the oatmeal box pinhole camera:

But I’ve never tried beer cans. I suppose I should!

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