Sunday photoblogging: pont naturel at Minerve

by Chris Bertram on February 18, 2018

Pont naturel at Minerve (tunnel cut by the Cesse river)



Donald A. Coffin 02.18.18 at 4:37 pm

Stunning (enlarge it if you can for a more detailed view…it’s amazing).


Alan White 02.18.18 at 11:37 pm

Gives the viewer a real sense of being in a cave–and has multiple levels of meaning from Plato to Trump.


Mark Williams 02.19.18 at 1:44 am

damnit, very well done, it gave me goose bumps when i zoomed the picture to full size, it takes you to the level as its a horror cave and you’re looking at some lost travelers, and those people are going to be hunted.
lol :D


Dr. Hilarius 02.19.18 at 4:12 am

You really managed to keep the shadow detail, very nice.

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