Sunday photoblogging: Birds at Crosby

by Chris Bertram on February 25, 2018

Birds at Crosby

Famous Monsters of Plantland: The Green Thing!

by John Holbo on February 25, 2018

My Erasmus Darwin post got such a huge response that a follow-up is in order!

A Note About Responsibility

by John Holbo on February 25, 2018

Law-makers are responsible for the laws they make, and support, and do not repeal. They are responsible for the intended effects of their legislation, also for unintended but easily predicted effects. (They are even semi-responsible for less easily predicted bad effects – although the degree to which legislation should be a strict liability business is debatable.) None of this is mitigated if mediated through a causal chain that includes other actors besides the legislators.

If law-makers favor legislation that makes it easy for immigrants to enter the country illegally, they are faulted (or credited!) accordingly. It usually isn’t fair to say that legislators ‘favor’ or ‘like’ effects of legislation that are, most likely, regarded as costs, not benefits. But it’s fair to say that legislators are responsible for the costs. [click to continue…]