Sunday photoblogging: Green post-box

by Chris Bertram on February 16, 2020

A bit of a collector’s item this (taken in 2016). In Ireland there are many British postboxes with the sovereign’s initials that have been overpainted in green by the Irish government since independence. This one, on the Falls Road in Belfast could not be of a type that would appear in the Republic of Ireland because the monarch in question, Elizabeth II, came to the throne after Irish independence, but has been overpainted by Irish republicans in Northern Ireland. In the event of a united Ireland, we could expect official overpainting.

Posted after a bit of twitter discussion with Declan Gaffney and Joel Walmsley yesterday. Joel has [a blog on Irish postboxes](

Green Postbox on the Falls Rd in Belfast



Alan White 02.16.20 at 5:18 pm

The drips and spatter really evoke the rush involved in this.


Barry 02.18.20 at 2:43 pm

That is cute.


bad Jim 02.20.20 at 9:51 am

Just judging by the green and anguished grimace, a post box’ lot is not an ‘appy one.

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