Twigs and branches

by John Q on May 24, 2021

Another open thread, where you can comment on any topic. Moderation and standard rules still apply. Lengthy side discussions on other posts will be diverted here. Enjoy!



Harrison Lovell 05.24.21 at 1:21 am

Will international pressure from the US and Europe actually get ScoMo to do anything about emissions?


nastywoman 05.24.21 at 2:18 am

and so Great Britain paid the highest price for Brexit –

Zero Points at the Eurovision Song Contest!


JSimon 05.24.21 at 4:56 pm

What other recent science fiction novels (or series) deserve a book seminar? Need to add books to my reading pile.


nastywoman 05.25.21 at 6:08 am

OR –
where did all the… ‘the commenters’ go?

As didn’t you guys notice – that since ‘trump’ -(the worlds new word for: Utmost Evil Stupid) – is gone –

MILLIONS of commenters on the Internet are gone –
and where is our resident ‘trump’ ph?


JimV 05.26.21 at 12:23 am

Practically any long book by KSR, Neal Stephenson, Vernor Vinge, Gene Wolfe, Martha Wells, or C.J. Cherryh, to mention just a few. Tastes vary of course, but in my opinion some of their books are magnificent–not recent, though. I don’t have a recent book in mind. Maybe “Gideon the Ninth: by Tamsyn Muir, if it has to be recent.


Tim Worstall 05.26.21 at 9:11 am

“and so Great Britain paid the highest price for Brexit –

Zero Points at the Eurovision Song Contest!”

It’s the UK that takes part, not Great Britain. The Northern Irish bit is lumped in with the British bit, not the Irish bit, as the geography that enters.

As to prices, yes, nul points is a heavy burden to bear. But, you know, there are costs to every course in this life, just as there are benefits.


steven t johnson 05.26.21 at 8:12 pm
It strikes me as very naive to regard this as proof the man photographed is actually a fighter, as opposed to a photogenic sympathizer.

This does not seem to be photoshopped. (The commentariat at this site is as appalling as the Lawyers, Guns and Money commentariat, mostly in different ways, but some deeply depressing overlaps, especially the contempt for humanity.)

An instant rebuttal, quickly modified in PS, can be found here:
The notorious fascist Biletsky says Protasevich “merely” worked in the Azov battalion PR…which is completely compatible with the Black Sun photo above.

It is unconvincing. A source that believes incorporating the Azov battalion into the armed services proves the Azov battalion is not a fascist formation, is dishonest or incompetent or a virulent mixture of both, in my judgment. The incorporation of the Azov battalion demonstrates the fascist nature of Ukraine, army and state.

Overall, I disapprove of countries kidnapping people it accuses of crimes. Black renditions are an abuse of international aviation I think. I object to even attempting to do so, as when the US forced down Evo Morales’ plane while pursuing Snowden. The Sigonella incident was, as they say, problematic too. The claims the incident are unprecedented, etc. are straight-forward lies. The calls to punish the people of Belarus with sanctions are malicious use of a double standard. I wouldn’t support sanctions designed to strangle the US over the Morales force-down.

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