Sunday photoblogging: Abandoned restaurant complex near Mèze, France

by Chris Bertram on May 12, 2024

Abandoned restaurant complex near Mèze

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Alan White 05.12.24 at 10:23 pm

What’s up (literally) with the car???


Chris Bertram 05.13.24 at 12:19 pm

I think the place was some kind of US-themed burger joint, so having a US-style patrol car on the roof was part of the “look”.


Ingrid 05.15.24 at 11:17 am

This one made me smile. The genre of pictures of abandoned houses is interesting and fascinating in several ways; for one thing, it always prompts the question in me: “What is the story here?”. But I haven’t seen one with a car on top before.


engels 05.15.24 at 11:33 pm

Should have been a US-Gascon fusion restaurant: The Ducks of Hazzard

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