My ears

by Ted on September 13, 2004

I bow before the shrillitudinousness of Gary Farber, who has been blogging like a fiend. This campaign mudmeter is especially interesting. (I know it’s true because it’s on the internet.)



Shelby 09.13.04 at 6:48 pm

“(I know it’s true because it’s on the internet.)”

Maybe CBS will pick it up. That’d confirm its accuracy.

BTW, having some trouble following your links on this one.


Ted Barlow 09.13.04 at 6:53 pm

Weird, they work for me. It might be some combination of blogspot flakiness and Gary’s enormous header on top of his blog.


Gary Farber 09.13.04 at 8:26 pm

I’m quite sure my header isn’t a problem. However, Blogger is presently pulling a trick on me where it won’t let me “republish whole blog”; itstead it quits part way through, and apparently as a result, instead of just displaying 40 posts on the front page, as I have it set to, it’s showing them, and then repeating a bunch of posts over and over and over again below that, causing the page to take a pointlessly excessive long time to load. I apologize, but there appears to be nothing I can do to fix it just now; to view the whole blog, simply let it load for a brief time, and then hit your “stop” button or escape key, and though you’ll get a ragged cutoff, it will practically do the trick.

If you wanted to list a few other posts individually, Ted, people might also find that helpful, including also as well for finding the political posts, rather than the science fiction and silly posts, but whatever; I’m grateful for the link! (Just at the moment Batman scaling Buckingham Palace, with picture, is the lead entry; no, really.)


shelby 09.13.04 at 8:37 pm

Now I’m able to follow the first link, but the “mudmeter” one still yields a blank page. Probably an artifact of the setup I’m using at work.


Barry Freed 09.13.04 at 8:54 pm

I’m so shrill, only the cynics can hear me.

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