Irish census 1911

by Henry on December 7, 2007

Anyone who has recent-ish Irish ancestry may be interested to know that Ireland’s National Archives are putting up the data from the 1911 Irish census. At the moment, only data from Dublin are available – but this was enough to allow me (after a bit of foostering around – the data was under “Mac Neill” rather than “MacNeill”) to find the census data for my great-grandfather and his family (not including my grandmother, for the excellent reason that she wasn’t yet born).

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mollymooly 12.07.07 at 11:18 pm

Have you seen Edward de Valera’s record? I like the various little mistakes he and the missus made filling it out. Bringing history to life!


Maria 12.07.07 at 11:28 pm

What a wonderful resource. You can also look up house addresses to see who lived in them at that time.


astrongmaybe 12.08.07 at 12:57 am

Have you seen Edward de Valera’s record? I wonder when he gaelicized himself into “Eamonn”?


Mrs Tilton 12.08.07 at 1:25 am

ASM @3,

I wonder when he gaelicized himself into “Eamonn”?

I’m not sure, but it won’t have been before he peered within his heart to determine the will of the Irish people.

What that census entry makes me think most of all, though, is: thank goodness we’ve progressed beyond the days when maths teachers employed illiterate domestic servants.

I’ve slept where de Valera was born in NY. Not the same building, mind; at some point that was torn down and a hotel built on the site. My sleep was undisturbed by his moaning ghost.


mollymooly 12.08.07 at 1:52 am

if you’re worried someone might find out your Great-grandfather was in the British Army, fear not, it’s a secret: this is where the Bloody Sunday Tribunal got the idea from.

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