by Ted on October 2, 2003

My conscience has been telling me that I should write about something in addition to Ambassador Wilson’s wife. So here are a few thoughts:

* Ross from Bloviator has two posts (here and here) about the growing population of Americans without health insurance. 2.4 million more people were uninsured in 2002 than in 2001.

“The CBO believes that in looking at 1998 data from two different studies (the last best data sets available) between 21-31 million people (~9%-13% of the nonelderly) were uninsured for the whole year, 40 million or so (~18% of the nonelderly) were uninsured at the time of the 1998 Census “snapshot,” and about 60 million people a year (~25%) went uninsured for at least part of the year.”

* I’m not a huge fan of the Chemical Brothers, but I think that their video for “Let Forever Be” is one of the five best I’ve ever seen. Maybe even three best.

* I think that Arthur Silber has a good take on Rush Limbaugh’s alleged drug abuse. I wouldn’t cheer a sting operation to catch an ordinary citizen who was abusing pain pills. And if the sting was conducted by the National Enquirer (I can’t tell from the Drudge headline), that’s really, really low.



jb 10.02.03 at 6:52 am

If I recall, Setting Sun had a pretty good one too. Course, that was awhile back.


FMguru 10.02.03 at 7:08 am

The video for “Let Forever Be” was directed by Michel Gondry, who has also done mindblowing videos for Bjork (Bachelorette, Human Behavior, Hyperballad, Joga), Daft Punk (Around the World), Kylie Minogue (Come Into My World), The White Stripes (the all-Lego animated Fell In Love With A Girl), and more Chemical Brothers (Star Guitar). Every one of those videos is exceptional, and deserves repeated watching. Genius is an overused term, but in this case…

Gondry’s only competition is Spike Jonze, who makes some excellent videos, too – for Fatboy Slim (Praise You, Weapon of Choice), Bjork (It’s Oh So Quiet), Weezer (Buddy Holly), and Beastie Boys (the transcendent Sabotage).


Mario 10.02.03 at 8:18 am

I’m uninsured, and I like it that way.


Doug 10.02.03 at 1:40 pm

To launch the video from Yahoo using Netscape, you have to be using version 4.x (instead of the up-to-date 6.x or 7.x). Feh.

Oh yeah, if Rush falls because of a slanted reporting from a powerful media outlet with an agenda, that’d be … justice? nemesis? good for the gander? near-perfect literary irony come to life? just dandy? Hmm, I’ll plump for (e) All of the above.


Tim 10.02.03 at 3:22 pm

Hey, Ted. Have you been watching the PBS blues series? No cello to speak of, but I thought it might be a bit up your alley?


Ted Barlow 10.02.03 at 4:37 pm


I actually don’t have a TV, so I’ve been missing it.

I’ll tell you though, since you sort of asked, that I recently bought an amazing CD called When the Sun Goes Down 4: That’s All Right. It’s the last quarter of a box set about how the blues turned into rock and roll. It starts with “Pearl Harbor Blues” and ends with Little Richard. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Ross 10.02.03 at 4:55 pm


Thanks for the mention.

On the Gondry front, later this month a DVD will be released of the best of his Gondry’s work. There will also be a similar release featuring the work of Spike Jonze.

Not sure about a blues cellist, but a great jazz cellist is David Baker, who has taught Jazz Theory and History at Indiana University for a few decades now.


Perez 11.13.03 at 11:43 pm

i agree with you about the “let forever be” video…. it´s fucking great! Definitely (sp?)the best ever

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