Strange Similes

by Brian on October 12, 2003

The third line of the latest Powderfinger album is:

You’re swollen like a lexicon.

If that’s the best they can come up with it seems to imply not swollen at all.

By the way, the album isn’t particularly good. If you were going to buy it because you’re still hoping they can recapture the quality of their early work, save your dollars and be spared some disappointment.

Comment Spamming

by Henry Farrell on October 12, 2003

If you’ve been hit in the last couple of the days by pornspam in your comments, you’re not alone; Crooked Timber has been hit too, as have many other sites. If you’re a MT person, the IP address to block for this latest wave is 209.210.176. *and make sure to include the period at the end.* Thanks to “Teresa Nielsen Hayden”: for the heads-up – and check her site for further updates and breaking news. “MT Blacklist”: should be out tomorrow; if it works as advertised, it should help mitigate the problem.