Comment Spamming

by Henry on October 12, 2003

If you’ve been hit in the last couple of the days by pornspam in your comments, you’re not alone; Crooked Timber has been hit too, as have many other sites. If you’re a MT person, the IP address to block for this latest wave is 209.210.176. *and make sure to include the period at the end.* Thanks to “Teresa Nielsen Hayden”: for the heads-up – and check her site for further updates and breaking news. “MT Blacklist”: should be out tomorrow; if it works as advertised, it should help mitigate the problem.



EKR 10.12.03 at 11:15 pm

I must be some total loser. I mostly get insurance spam in my blog comments.


James R MacLean 10.13.03 at 8:12 am

I really appreciate this heads up. Thank you so much. How would one find out the IP addresses of spammers? I confess to a most bitter, immutable loathing of spammers. Sm’ert spammim!*

*Russian; = “Death to Spam!”

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