by Ted on October 2, 2003

* Liberal Oasis has a series of quotations from John Ashcroft, who turns out to be a huge fan of special prosecutors.

* A story about the ties between Ashcroft and the administration:

“On Wednesday, Justice Department officials would not rule out the possibility of Mr. Ashcroft appointing a special counsel, or recusing himself from the case.

“We’re leaving all legal options open,” said Mark Corallo, a Justice Department spokesman.

And the associate of Mr. Rove said of the attorney general, “He’s going to have to recuse himself, don’t you think?””

* And, via Unfogged, this story would appear to assuage remaining good-faith doubt about whether Plame was undercover or not. (Bad-faith doubt, of course, is more tenacious than Jason Voorhees.)

“Valerie Plame was among the small subset of Central Intelligence Agency officers who could not disguise their profession by telling friends that they worked for the United States government.

That cover story, standard for American operatives who pretend to be diplomats or other federal employees, was not an option for Ms. Plame, people who knew her said on Wednesday. As a covert operative who specialized in nonconventional weapons and sometimes worked abroad, she passed herself off as a private energy expert, what the agency calls nonofficial cover.

But that changed over the summer, when her identity as a C.I.A. officer was reported in a syndicated column by Robert Novak.”

Note: this story also does a number on the “everyone knew she was C.I.A.” defense.



bryan 10.02.03 at 3:22 pm

Holy shit, I just realized: Valerie Plame is the U.S James Bond, this is the only explanation for how everybody knew she was C.I.A but she was still able to maintain her cover.

This is also why she still used her Maiden Name instead of Wilson’s. So she could, when asked her name by the dangerously unbalanced WMD-possessing maniac in the first 30 minutes, reply “Plame, Valerie Plame” instead of “Wilson, Mrs. Wilson” see the second is not cool like the first is.


Ratherworried 10.02.03 at 4:22 pm

Actually she is a double agent working with both U.S. AND British intelligence. An unamed source told me that she posed as a black market Russian nuclear arms dealer with extensive contacts in Cairo…she is not really 40 years old, she is much older, the plastic surgery she undertook was nearly as extensive as the sex change operation.

Sadly, because of a stupid journalist and petty administrative infighting, her husband has just discovered that she is really Henry Kissinger.

About as likely as a blogger ‘discovering’ what her official cover story was ehh?


sp 10.02.03 at 5:55 pm

“That cover story, standard for American operatives who pretend to be diplomats or other federal employees.”

You know, that sentence got me to thinking about Plame’s husband, Ambassador Wilson. Maybe the Ambassador is more than an ambassador! Another thought: Wilson has two ex wives, wouldn’t you guess that the White House “crisis managers” are in overdrive trying to “persuade” them to help make the case that Wilson is “just a little bit nutty, just a little bit slutty”?


bryan 10.02.03 at 9:58 pm

wait! Two ex-wives, my god that’s a managerial twa or whatever them frenchies call it.

That freaking hippy bastard probably sold our secrets to the CIA.

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