The Monads

by Brian on October 10, 2003

I just stumbled across the webpage for The Monads. When they were compresent with us as such, the Monads were constituted by three WWU undergraduates, two of whom are now UMass graduate students, Kris McDaniel and Justin Klocksiem. I was just complimenting Kris’s philosophical abilities the other day and I forgot entirely to mention his musical accomplishments. Bad omission! If you like philosophical musical humour, you should download some of the songs they have posted. I particularly liked Meinongian Babe, which is the kind of song you might have heard on the Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs had Stephin Merrit been a philosophy major. (Note that’s an 8MB download, so if everyone downloads it we’ll probably crash the UMass server.)



ben wolfson 10.10.03 at 5:48 am

In a possibly similar vein I submit PopCanon’s René René, and others.


Henry 10.10.03 at 6:19 am

In fairness to Merrit, _69 Love Songs_ did have “The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure.”

And the first bit of “The Things We Did and Didn’t Do” is an education in speech-act theory in two pithy lines.

bq. All the things I knew I didn’t know and didn’t want to know
That you told me just to tell me later that you told me so.

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