We’re #1

by Kieran Healy on October 27, 2003

My agents inform me that Crooked Timber (NASDAQ: CRKD) is now the #1 result on Google Searches for “Crooked” and also “Timber,” further demonstrating our ability to deliver added value to our shareholders.



King of Fools 10.27.03 at 2:27 am

Congratulations on your recent induction into Google fame. I keep an eye on searching that hit me and my favorite by far is “fools happiness aim”. Still have no clue what they were really looking for.


paul lawson 10.27.03 at 4:45 am

Healy: So you say yourself.

But how could you (even collectively) usurp Cheney for ‘crooked’?

And ‘timber’? Surely, a euphemism for ‘deadwood’ — in which case Dubya has to trump.

But congrats. To you all. ‘Crooked Timber’ is, indeed, a ‘you can get to there from here’ site.


dsquared 10.27.03 at 7:40 am

In related news, I am now the number one “Daniel Davies” on the internet, destroying my rivals (some frighteningly bright software type, and session drummer Dan “Danimal” Davies, who I must admit has the best of me in the nickname wars).


William Sjostrom 10.27.03 at 9:52 am

You have shareholders? Typical capitalist running dogs.


Ted Barlow 10.27.03 at 3:59 pm

Kieran, that reminds me. The Bobs wanted your white paper on the proposal to monetize the B2B solutions to strategize our turn-key solutions, and they wanted it yesterday.


Tom Runnacles 10.28.03 at 10:32 pm

Surely this can be leveraged to promote our brand’s paradigm-pioneering value proposition. Surely this is low-hanging fruit, guys?


Ian Whitchurch 10.29.03 at 10:43 am


I’ve finished the press release on ‘Crooked Timber to IPO’. Should I send it for copy-editing ?

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