Clearchannel says, Clock a Cyclist

by Kieran Healy on November 1, 2003

Kevin Drum is annoyed at the fun-loving DJs of Clear Channel, who recently encouraged drivers to assault cyclists in various humorous ways. But really, Kevin — DJs don’t kill people, you know. Bicycles do. In fact, along the same lines as David Bernstein recently argued, one of the many little-known benefits of Lochner vs New York was the major reduction it brought about in deaths due to bicycles under the control of reckless 12-year-olds who were not working 14 hour days in Manhattan garment factories.

Update: Eric Muller defends Bernstein from further criticism from an angry Nathan Newman.

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Allan Ken 11.25.03 at 3:28 am

Throwing bottles at bike riders?? That’s nothing new in my area at least. :-)

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