Preferential Voting

by Brian on December 6, 2003

I know this makes sense given the way votes are counted in Australia, but it’s still a very odd paragraph.

In a fascinating glimpse of the immediate reaction to Mr Latham as Opposition Leader, voters elevated Labor to pole position with 42 per cent of the primary vote, compared to 45 per cent for the Liberals. (Sun-Herald 7 December.)

I’m not so upbeat about the poll though. Latham’s entire campaign strategy seems to involve focussing on western Sydney and hoping the rest of the country doesn’t mind being relatively ignored. If he still can’t win the primary vote in western Sydney, the results in, say, regional Victoria could be brutal.

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Alan 12.07.03 at 2:02 am

Since the election of Mark Latahm, membeship applications to the Labor Party have surged. Today, December 7, the Labor Party web sites are inaccessible. Cui bono?

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