Friday dog blogging

by Ted on December 12, 2003

I’ve occasionally mentioned that my lovely fiancee is a professional writer. She has been successful enough to hire some assistants and create a full-fledged corporate communications company, FrogDog Communications. It’s a terrific accomplishment.

Their webpage is up, and there are so many reasons to visit.

* GAZE upon the lovely visage of our adorable toy fox terrier, Ramona!
* WIN $100 by entering the “What is a FrogDog?” contest!
* HIRE her company for your corporate communications needs!

(That’s enough promotion. – Ed.)



Steve Laniel 12.12.03 at 5:35 pm

It might be worthwhile here to point out my friend Jon’s DogBlog.


Chirag Kasbekar 12.12.03 at 7:21 pm

Nice site, and well written. But [Read on for completely unwarranted but free advice] could do without the frames — completely unnecesary, detracts from functionality and doesn’t help search engine optimisation.

Nice dog, too! (I have three — in addition to countless numbers of cats.)


Chirag Kasbekar 12.12.03 at 7:26 pm

BTW, the trio are part fox terriers, part spitzes.


John G 12.14.03 at 9:04 pm

How does one get started in this field, anyway?

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