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by Ted on January 23, 2004

– Ana Marie Cox, formerly of The Antic Muse, formerly of Suck.com, formerly of a lot of things, has a new political gossip site: Wonkette.

Ana Marie is an outstanding, witty writer who makes most of us look like we’re blogging in crayon. Long live the Wonkette.

– Michael Pine, of Off the Pine, is back to semi-regular posting on a new site. I was fond of Off the Pine before he gave it up, and I can’t imagine that he’s gotten any dumber.

– The Mr. T Experience, aka MTX, has a new album out called Yesterday Rules. It’s very good, and you should buy it. Full review shortly.



kasei 01.23.04 at 11:11 pm

It might also be worth mentioning that MTX’s Dr. Frank has a weblog.


Josh 01.25.04 at 2:59 am

Eh, I heard Frank do one of the songs (“Sorry for Freaking Out…”) live on the radio a couple of weeks ago and was seriously underimpressed. Of course, that was an acoustic version. How’s the album version?


Sigivald 01.26.04 at 11:54 pm

I was gonna say, isn’t it a bit odd to mention a new MTX album without linking to Doktor Frank?

Of course, it’s my shameful duty to inform everyone that I’ve never really understood the appeal of MTX. Nothing personal, Dr.


Dr. Frank 01.28.04 at 3:43 pm

No problem, Sigi.

Josh, the album version of “Sorry…” rules. ;-)

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