by Ted on September 14, 2004

Those of us who enjoy a good InstaFactCheck will delight in Scott Lemieux, on Reynolds’ attempt to eliminate the gap between Kerry and Bush on gay unions. I wish that Lemieux had an instructional videotape or something.



Thomas 09.14.04 at 11:05 pm

In Missouri–which a few weeks ago Kerry still hoped to win–Kerry didn’t mention his “unwavering” support for civil unions. Instead he simply endorsed the recent Missouri amendment banning same sex marriage in the state.

I’m sure there are differences between Kerry and Bush on the issue. Like, Kerry won’t talk directly about the issue in Ohio, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa, and Bush will.

Which may tell us all we need to know about this election.

Since Kerry’s going to lose, at least he could lose for being principled.

But that’s too much to ask, I suppose.


Barry Freed 09.15.04 at 12:31 pm

Hell, any damn fool knows that Bush is against unions. Just look at his recess appointments to the NLRB and their recent anti-labor decisions now that they have a right-wing majority.


Matt Weiner 09.15.04 at 5:50 pm

Flip-flopping on whether constitutional amendments that ban gay marriage should institute civil unions is bad–but it is not the same thing as supporting a federal amendment that would ban gay marriage and civil unions everywhere. So Thomas is correct that there are differences between Kerry and Bush on the issue.


bryan 09.15.04 at 9:58 pm

you know I think if Bush is going to win at least he could win for being a scumbag.


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