Stage Beauty

by Chris Bertram on September 20, 2004

I sometimes wonder about the utility of mentioning films on CT because by the time us Brits get to see them (UK release dates being later than those in the US) they’ve often finished playing in cinemas in the US and elsewhere. But Richard Eyre’s “Stage Beauty”: , which I caught on Saturday is an exception. Set at the time of the Restoration, it explores the fate of Ned Kynaston, a male actor who specializes in female roles (women being prohibited from performing). When the law is changed, first to allow women on the stage and then to prohibit men from playing them altogether, Kynaston is out of a job. I won’t post spoilers but just say that what we get includes a good deal of exploration of sexual identity and sexuality. And I also laughed out loud (a lot) at some parts and was moved by others. (Sarah from the excellent “Just Another False Alarm”: has “more”: — but with spoilers).

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fester 09.20.04 at 9:43 pm

Just another spoiler; Stage Beauty is an adaptation of a play by the name of Compleat Female Stage Beauty which was world-premiered at Pittsburgh City Theater in the Southside. The City Theater will be hosting a fundraising/sneak preview event of the movie during the middle of October at the new Southside Works movie theater.

(disclaimer, my girlfriend works at City Theatre)

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